Firmware hacks usually take advantage of the firmware update facility on many devices to install or run themselves. Some, however, must resort to exploits to run, because the manufacturer has attempted to lock the hardware to stop it from running unlicensed code. The BIOS may be manually updated by a user via a small utility program. Software manufacturers usually offer free software updates for their products to make them compatible with new versions of operating systems. However, these updates may not be immediately available when the new OS software is released. These small, incremental updates improve the operation of your software.

  • Everything from what your router firmware is, the benefits of keeping it updated, and how often you should be checking for updates.
  • Time considered Xfinity to be among the worst corporate renamings of all time, asking “Will the name change work? Probably not, but at least it’ll sound a bit edgier when you’re put on hold…with Xfinity.”
  • So, choosing a public DNS can provide more freedom of use and better service.

Optionally, you can also enable Auto download over WiFi to automatically download updates in the future. In this article, we will drill down all your concerns. Whether you should update the firmware or not, and if you do then, how to update it. EInfochips has developed expertise in all the areas of firmware development. The products that we have developed for our clients have helped them earn appreciation and accolades in their respective industry.


Shifting to a public DNS could be a challenge even with the best modem router for Xfinity. But you can always return to this guide to get some help. The instructions above work for Google, Cloudflare, and Open DNS. Here are some of the ways that you can change your Xfinity router DNS.

Please restart the machine for the changes to take effect. This command will attempt to recursively (-R) list files in the Default/ directory. If the output returns many .plist files, don’t disable SIP and proceed to the next step in this tutorial.

FAQ: Tip How to Disable Keychain on your mac OS from MacBook

On PCs, the firmware performs hardware initialization and manages some basic functions for various devices. Depending on the device, such as a router, phone, or camera, the firmware’s purpose will vary. On simpler devices, the firmware can even function as a complete OS and perform all the necessary tasks. A firmware update will optimize the performance of firmware or device driver, enhancing the performance of the processor.

Types of software

The resulting page will show everything you need to know about your router’s firmware. To get to the firmware upgrade option, I need to click the System Tools tab. This’ll bring you to a new page with advanced settings options for your router. The other option here is to use your router’s IP address. I will be describing the steps for updating my TP-Link Archer A7 router. Don’t worry if you have a different router because the steps for your router will most likely be similar.

You can easily follow the guide and complete it to turn on the firmware password on Mac. But removing RAM requires familiarity with the Mac hardware and once any mistake occurs in the assembly process, more serious hardware issues shall appear. From the top menu bar, click Utilities and then selectStartup Security Utility or Firmware Password Utility. Start or restart your Mac, hold down Command + R key combinations immediately to boot intoMac Recovery Mode. This post tells what a firmware password on Mac is and how to use the Mac firmware password, including setting and removing it as well as the solution when forgetting the Mac firmware password. This feature requires a Mac with an Intel processor.